Tips for Choosing Mother’s day caterers

July 15, 2016 - Party Catering

Mother’s day is one of the busiest days of the year for hotels and bars. You need to make sure a best party in the restaurant for mothers, girls, wives and family. You may not be able to fulfill all of them but you can provide them what they desire the most and it is a small amount of care and more fun. Get prepared for mother’s days catering service. This day back to old history and is celebrated all over in honor of mothers, women’s influence in society. Even though on various dates, mother’s day is celebrating all parts of the globe. In the USA mother’s day is celebrating on the 2nd Sunday in may and in some countries it is also known as women’s day and this day is celebrating on various dates like 8th march.


On this day, people celebrating women, a mother and the contribution of theirs on the growth of the society. Most of the people will spend more money for gifts and celebration. More than eighty million of people will spend mother’s day exterior the homes. Whether you get restaurant or mother’s day caterers, fun must be promised. You should create it special. Mothers day catering is the most popular one which most of the guests will select on mothers day. About fifty five percent of the people celebrate this day in a restaurant, thirty four percent of them will bring their girlfriend, mother, or wife to lunch, thirty percent at brunch and twelve percent of them will get breakfast at restaurant. On father’s day, father’s day catering is also done.

Main places:

Father’s day catering is made with special menu. Based on these details you can make your day as special. When you see at statistic regarding consumer option when you discuss about the kinds of restaurants, the key places are steak houses, seafood hotels and restaurants that provide a barbecue in the menu. The famous are American restaurants, Italian restaurants, Asian and Mexican restaurants. You can also add American’s favorite food on mother’s day caterers like fish, steak, pasta, pizza and certain spicy dishes from the usual menu.

Summer catering service is also available because mother’s day is coming in the May month. The loyal consumers will back to the restaurant due to the reason of the frequent quality of food. If you see the statistics, most of the traffic will be seen in the evening hours. You can also make an offer for brunch. This is one of the best summer catering special marketing ideas.If you are manager or owner of bar you gets an opportunity to raise your sales and promote the catering support utilizing this summer holiday. Your niche guests will be possibly younger ones who looking for excitement and fun.

You can also arrange the excellent entertainment for them by bringing DJ’s, make them dance. If you like sophisticated entertainment, look for rock or jazz musicians. Decoration for restaurant must be in beautiful colors. Because this holiday was kept in May in the spring, allow the restaurant exudes colors and scents of various flowers. If you select flowers for decoration in single color, select pink, orange or red or you can also look for color combinations.